Speaking at a MAGI Conference

Some MAGI speakers are world-renowned experts in their fields; others are just experts. What they all have in common is a passion for clinical research and the generosity to share what they know.

  • Subject matter expertise (an impressive job title is not required)
  • Able to communicate to the audience
  • Time and commitment to prepare your presentation

Speaker Benefits (at no charge)
  • Attend the conference, including all sessions, workshops and receptions.
  • Obtain all conference slides, handouts and other materials.
  • Obtain continuing education contact hours.
  • Participate in online networking with other speakers and attendees.
  • Obtain discounts for colleagues.

Other Benefits
  • Advance your career.
  • Network and see friends.
  • Gain knowledge.
  • Obtain discount on Clinical Research Contract Professional (CRCP) exam.
  • Contribute to MAGI and the clinical research community.
  • Publicize your business or organization (contact us about exhibiting and sponsorships).
  • Develop your public speaking skills.
  • Visit host city.

  • Show up for the conference.
  • Make an excellent, unbiased, non-commercial (unless pre-approved) presentation.
  • Coordinate with co-speakers, if any.
  • Meet deadlines for slides, bio, learning objectives, etc.
  • If you use or adapt slides from a previous conference or elsewhere, credit the author(s) appropriately
  • Attend as much of the conference as you can.
  • Cover your travel and lodging costs.
  • Protect your personal possessions at the conference.
  • Encourage other people to attend the conference.
  • Join MAGI (optional).

  • (pdf)  Live Long and Prosper: 16 Tips for Successful Public Speaking
  • (pdf)  Stage Presence
  • (pdf)  A Checklist for Professional PowerPoint Slides
  • (pdf)  How to Meet People at Conferences
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